Sunday, February 24, 2008

That Blasted Pin!

OK, so I've been busy, yeah, everyone is. I feel like I've gotten caught up in the craziness, and I've left out the funnies! My girls seriously save me, I can always count on them for a good laugh. They keep me sane and help remind me of what's really important. I will catch up on my next post.

The pin know I debated even putting it on my list of events. I really thought I could slip it in there and it may get lost in the shuffle. So I decided to elaborate for all of you who asked questions, and so someday my grandchildren can read this personal history and get a kick of their intelligent heritage...

Valentine's Day morning, I was getting everything together for Lexi's class party. I've been a really bad Room Mom the last couple months. I've had a lot going on, and neglected some of my commitments to those sweet first graders. Anyways...I accidently got a little sliver in the palm of my hand from some of the craft materials. I tried the tweezers, but it was too deep. I got out a straight pin (sewing pin) to help pick it out. So, I was alternating between the pin and tweezers. I have always kept pins in the corner of my mouth. I do a bit of sewing, and have always used my mouth as a pin cushion. My Mom was a seamstress, and always kept her pins there, and my grandma always has as well. I've NEVER had an issue with this practice, I've never pricked my lip, tongue, nothing. So...I had the pin in my mouth. My daughter went to jump on my lap, she didn't see me aggressively attacking my sliver. I leaned back and inhaled (like when you get surprised) I INHALED THE PIN. It went straight into the back of my throat. It was caught right in that spot where the back of your mouth turns into your throat. Not comfortable!
My initial reaction was to shove my hand in my mouth and try to reach it with my fingers. Well, I couldn't reach it. So Mike walked in from the garage(he was ready for work, all but out the door) There I am on the couch shoving my fingers down my throat. I look at him and say "Umm...I just swallowed a pin." He responded with "What?.. you what?" You know that wonderful "I must have heard you wrong, because that's sounds real stupid" response. I called the doc and was old to go to the ER due to the possibility of it puncturing or getting stuck inside me.
I finished getting my kids ready for school, pass off all the party supplies to another mother, and Mike had to arrange to work from home. He dropped me off at the Hospital. I felt like such an idiot! Everyone gave me the same response, with the same look. A face of pain and shock, and most touched their necks. (probably the face you made when you read it!) The best was when the Dr. pulled back the curtain and said "Oh!..." with a genuine surprised look on his face. He then followed with "...I expected a child."

That was the low part of my day! I said "Really? mean most adults don't swallow sharp foreign objects?" He just chuckled, but I'm sure he was thinking I was some crazy person. It was so incredibly embarrassing! The X-ray tech asked me if I had metal in my 'brassier'. He was looking at my chest, but I said "My what?" Duh! The first set of x-rays were of my neck and chest. Not there. So the second set of pics showed it above my left hip bone. The Dr. informed me that was good. If it has made it that far, the best thing to do is to see if it will pass on it's own. Apparently, people live with stuck objects inside them, because surgery to remove them is a risk. So if they aren't hurting anything, you just leave 'em. He suggested eating lots of salad or 'ruffage' to help move it along. If it didn't pass within 5 days I was to return. It was such a romantic Valentine’s Day adventure. I really don’t know the last time I felt so dumb!

Well, I know you are asking yourself the unavoidable question. As a mother of 4, I know how to check if things have passed. For some reason, having to preform that task for my child is a necessary part of my job description. To have to do this for myself was horrific! I was so so so not wanting to do this. I even considered whether I had other options. Could I wave a metal detector over the toilet? Was there a magic 'poop dissolver' that I could put in the toilet to just peek and see if it's there? NO the answer is that there is only one was to check if something has made it's way through a person. Although I'm considering inventing a better system.
Gratefully, I am proud to report, after some delicious salads and painful cramping, I will not endure my life with a permanent reminder of my stupidity. The moral of this cushions are great! I highly recommend them!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008


Life has been crazy! It is always crazy, but more than usual. A review of the past couple weeks:
1. I got called to the Stake Girls Camp, Camp will be in the beginning of June, but we've started our meetings
2. I got shin splints and had to stop my marathon training, and basketball
3. My bro-in-law had an accident and received major head trauma, so I spent a lot of time up at University of Utah Hospital
4. I was watching their children when I wasn't at the hospital
5. We had an incredible storm which left us without power for over 10 hours (I had my niece and nephew here, and Mike couldn't get home from work)
6. My sister had her second baby, her husband is back to work, so I'm bringing meals and watching her 2 year-old
7. I swallowed a 1 1/2" straight pin (sewing pin) and had to go to the ER (Valentine's Day)
And the excitement that's coming this week and next:
1. Stake Girls Camp...more meetings and planning galore!
2. I'm double-booked Tuesday night at the salon
3. Achievement Days on Thursday
4. I received 3 Paul Mitchell classes scheduled to teach
5. My husband has Scout meetings Wednesday, Thursday, and an overnight camp-out Friday thru Saturday
6. Mike and I started full speed ahead with another business venture, a collaboration with another couple
7. My sister gave me a grundle of money to remodel her Master Bedroom. It's a trading spaces, but we're not trading. She doesn't want to know colors, furniture, NOTHING! (She and her husband are sleeping in their spare bedroom until it's finished, it's a TOTAL surprise!)
8. Our Salon software beta version goes live on March 1st, I will train the stylists the week of.

So on top of the usual day-to-day craziness I am quite busy! The funny thing is that I really prefer it that way. I thrive off the adrenaline and anxiety it all brings. I'm sure it's part of my chemical imbalance, but I perform better under pressure. I just load up on Diet Dr. Pepper and make list after list after list. Mike laughs at all my lists. I guess it's a way to organize all the thoughts swimming in my head. Some of my lists serve a purpose, others are just lists!
I have a Grandma who is a bit crazy. She is hilarious, but she's always been crazy on certain levels. She is constantly making lists! She'll write them, lose them, and re-write them...over and over and over! Everyone laughs at her lists...I will be her in 50 years! Which makes me wonder if "list making" can be inherited, maybe not, but I'm sure the craziness is!
Needless to say, I've already gained back the 10 pounds I lost in January, and I haven't done much to my bedroom. I did re-arrange the furniture to try an cover a bit of the hideousness which is my carpet. It's better, but I am definitely going to need a rug.
Umm...simplify...I am trying. It's a "two steps forward, one step back" type of process for me. Or more accurately...a "run at full speed to fall hard, crash and burn" type of process for me!
(Oh! I don't know how many of you are familiar with 'Flat Stanley'? We have some amazing friends who live on the east coast. We sent them Flat Stanley and they put together a great package of adventures from NYC. I would like to return the favor for their adorable daughter, who is soon to be a big sister. I've done acouple things locally, but I don't feel it is anything spectacular. Any ideas?)