Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Crazy... busy... and then some!

The crazy craziness of life has been pulling me every which way. I've wanted to sit down and write so many times... then something happens and I can't.
I have so much to write and back date, but until then I think I'd better get it all down or I'll forget. So here's the scoop...
Last week of April to First week of May I had my sister's kidlets. It was their 10 year anniversary, so we got to play for a week. It was crazy to realize how much my life has changed, forgetting what's it's like to plan around naps, and changing diapers. I also have forgotten how much fun it is to have a little person running around. Babbling the sweetest nonsense... it was music to my ears! She'd cuddled with me in the morning, and gave me kisses all day long. I forgot how great it was!Addi started playing soccer. Love that girl... but she is the least athletic child I've had the pleasure of knowing. I was SO happy she wanted to play a sport... ANY sport! She started out the season barely being able to run up and down the field a few times, getting nowhere NEAR the ball. Mike, (being the wonderful man he is) told her he'd give her a quarter every time she kicked the ball. It was a great plan! She immediately became interested in the ball, which direction it was going, and had the desire to kick it. About 10 more minutes into the game the opportunity came and she gave it a kick. She kicked it, then came running over towards all the parents on the sideline (as the game continues) and yells "You owe me a quarter!!" I said "Go finish playing the game!" Our parenting skills... or bribery skills... were now the knowledge of all the parents and grandparents at that game. We got laughed at pretty hard. (But it worked!)
Sophie had her K-days Doctor appointment. She weighs 42 lbs, is 45 inches tall, passed her vision and hearing test, got 5 shots... a cookie and chocolate milk. I think she'll resent me for the 5 shots her entire life. She was NOT happy!Mother's Day was on the 9th... it deserves it own post... so I'll get that later. I got to hold my niece for he first time, and the girls got to see her outside of the hospital. She is an angel!
Sadly... Sophie's dry skin had a bad flare start on her scalp, so I took her back into the Doctor's (just a few days after her K-days appointment). Then we went back AGAIN a few more days later for an injury... but I'll get to that in a minute.
A good friend of mine is adopting a baby girl... so I went to an amazing shower for her. I'm so excited for her! She's got two adorable boys, and this little girl will be so loved and adored. It's so great to see her prayers answered. She is a fantastic Mom and an inspiring woman!
That same night I had some friends over for a recipe group I started a couple months ago. We had just began when my phone rang. Quite a few people were too sick to come, and one of them was calling to tell me not to drink the water. "What?" I asked. "Don't drink the water! The Health Department says our water is what's making everyone so sick!" I turn around to see my pitchers of ice water being enjoyed... CRAP! Needless to say, there wasn't a great turnout that night... the Fire department started going door-to-door, and the church had to organize help to spread the words as quickly as possible.
It explained a lot! People had been so sick. They had canceled Lexi's Activity Days that week. The members of our ward were all sick... and everyone thought it was spreading like wildfire. I had taken pride in my 'hand sanitizing' skills because we had not really been sick. Lexi had complained of 'the runs' about the same time I noticed some stomach cramping... but I contributed mine to menstrual issues. I figured Lexi had eaten too much sugar, or too much fruit!
It was really scary to think we were drinking it! We had a strict 'boil order' starting that Thursday night. It was lifted Sunday... but they still don't know why it happened or what caused it. The water smells so heavily of chlorine now, I still can't drink it! We are flying through our bottled water storage... but I guess it's good that we rotate it, right?!
The next night, Friday, I went to the Dance recital of a friend of mine. She was my close friend in 7th and 8th grade. We were little 'hellions' and experienced a lot of life in those couple of years. We had so much fun (too much fun) together, and some of those memories are the best I've had! After 8th grade, I started playing basketball, another friend joined Student Council, and we all kind of went our separate ways. Her and I went to different High Schools... and I didn't see her for 15 or more years. Well... last year we found each other through blogging! It's been so wonderful to catch up on each others lives. Husbands, kids, good times and hard times. She is an awesome person, and I love her dearly!
She invited me to her dance concert, and it was so fun to go! I was so proud of her, doing something she loves, enjoying herself, and developing her talents. She was a great dancer in Jr. High, and I wished I had her skills. So many women grow older and lose themselves. We get caught up our kids, and developing their talents, and seem to lose our own in the process. It was inspiring to watch her... I just love her!
The next morning... that's right, Saturday... the girls and I participated in a special Serving with Smiles celebration. Serving with Smiles is a humanitarian group I joined at the beginning of this year. I get to be a project director and help children do service projects for other children in the world.
This experience deserves it own post as well. But in summary, Jenny Phillips came to talk to the kids and tell them how wonderful their service is. She personally delivered some of our projects during her music touring. She sat with me and tied fleece blankets, we visited for a bit and she talked with Cori and Lexi. We got a picture with her and she gave all the kids her CD. She sang them a special song she had just written about how others "need us" and the things we are doing. It was a fantastic day, and Jenny's testimony is so strong! I told Mike... she could have been any friend or neighbor... but some day the girls will realize how special that experience truly was.
May 17-21 was Teacher Appreciation Week. Lexi's class had a Room Rep that moved the week before, so she called me to finish up the year. I just had to run with it... she didn't have any info, or things planned for me... it was a whirlwind week, but I tried me best to pull it together! We had little gifts each day, and on Friday we secretly sent her on an errand while we decorated her classroom. We had a surprise party, and watched a video I made for her. The video had all the kids telling her how much they loved this school her and what a great teacher she is. It worked out... whew!
Thursday of that week (May 20th) we attended a City Council meeting... my first. It was crazy! We were getting information about the Mtn. View Corridor, and a collector on/off ramp in our neighborhood. People were so passionate and really angry! I saw a different side of people I thought I knew. I am all for a good debate, and there are definitely times for one. But... I guess I saw it as an opportunity to get the correct information, ask any questions, and find out the best outlet to express my concerns... whether it be a vote, a letter, a phone call, etc. Some saw it as an opportunity to yell at our councilmen and call them names, make jokes, and disagree with their neighbors. Slander should be saved for neighborhood gossip, right?
I found it very informative, and was able to see the proposed project from the views of the State, the City, and from the other neighbors who are in favor of the project. It was fascinating to get all the info. Truthfully, I wouldn't dare express my opinion to anyone for fear of my house being egged... or being tarred and feathered.
By the time this project is completed, I will not have to worry about children playing outside or walking to school. I will have teenage daughters driving! The fact is... we cannot stop the growth... what we can do is ensure our city is prepared for it. OBVIOUSLY, the transportation we currently have is proof that there was little to no planning for the growth we have today. We cannot complain about the roads, wish for better transportation options... and not consider the plans currently on the table. Anyway... moving on...The next night was Cori's choir concert. She was such a fabulous 'little maid', and sang her heart out! They put on the cutest performance, and I was happy that we all got to come watch. Lexi will get to be in the choir next year, and is so excited.
The following Monday was Sophie's last day of Pre-school. I could probably write for hours about how great this year has been for Sophie. Her teacher was literally sent from heaven! Sophie has been my greatest joy and greatest challenge as a parent. This teacher was so amazing, and so perfect for Sophie's needs. Words cannot express how pleased I am! Sophie is ready for Kindergarten... and excited to learn. She's already reading and writing, she does math and can articulate her desire for help. I would have NEVER thought she could be in such a great place!
That night we visited Grandma Bushman. She has been in need of visitors everyday, so we have taken a few days a month to check in on her. It was a rather eventful night... Mike had to mow her lawn (it was out-of-control) and we found her basement flooded. She tried to pay Mike $5 for mowing... and was upset when he wouldn't take it! She called Uncle Don to come look at the basement. She kept calling me LaVerne and called Mike... Gary. She is so sweet, and I don't think she'll be with us much longer. I'm so grateful we have a chance to enjoy some one-on-one time with her. We bring KFC or hamburgers (they are her favorite) and have dinner and visit.
Tuesday (last night) was Addi's last soccer game. If there was an award for the 'most improved' she would have definitely be in the running! It was so fun to watch her fall in love with this sport. I guess that means I better learn how it's played... and possibly put aside my basketball and volleyball dreams for her. She said she wants to play in the fall, and I'm so happy she's happy!
Whew.... (deep breath)... so school is out in two days!! Summer is my absolute favorite time of year. I can't wait to have my girls home everyday! I'm sure things will stay busy... but as long as it's FUN busy I'm good with it.
Signing off.