Friday, June 25, 2010

Yee Haw!

I was able to attend the rodeo this year with my girlfriends. It was a ton of fun! One of our friends kept rating the cowboys on their level of attractiveness. Forget their skills and riding... why aren't they getting points for how they look doing it all? Seriously, Sarah never disappoints. It was kind of like a stinky Miss America pageant. The commentary was fantastic!

Of course my favorite part of the rodeo is the halftime show... the Canadian motorcycle dudes. It get such a rush watching them take those big jumps! I can't get enough. Although I was a bit sad... I think the ramps were off, because there was discussion among them... then no flips. That's okay. I'll just be that much more excited to see them next year!
Ride 'em cowboys!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Happy Birthday Lex!!!

My sweet Lexi Louski Miss MaGooski turned 9 yesterday!
You know when your kids are little and older ladies say "Enjoy every minute with your kids... they grow up so fast!" ? Well, I was a person who had 4 kidlets in 5 years and couldn't help wondering if the day would ever come when I wouldn't have to change diapers! Well... it's so true... my kids are growing up WAY too fast!Lexi turning 9 blows my mind! I swear she was born a couple years ago.
Lexi was such an easy baby, and I was so thankful! She was a 'surprise' and the timing of her coming to our family was a challenge. Shortly after she was born I knew why she needed to be here when she did.She was the third and last grandchild Mike's mom was able to enjoy before she passed away. She was (and still is) a lot like her Grandma-in-heaven. Her face structure, her beautiful dark hair, her full heart, her ability to love unconditionally, and her quiet and soft-spoken manner.
She was Cori's best friend the minute she was born! Her and Cori were the cutest little peas in a pod.Lexi is so creative and loves making things. She has amazing artistic abilities and has a gift for writing and storytelling.
This past year her teacher was constantly telling me how impressed she was with her. She has unbelievable cursive writing and amazing projects.She was at a basketball camp last week where she came in first place in 'speed'! She's a defensive wonder... like glue on her opponent!
I just love her sweet and sensitive heart. Even if her sensitivity makes life a little more difficult... I pray she stays that way.
Happy Birthday Lex... thanks for everything you bring to our family! I can't imagine my life without your sweetness in it!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Oh happy day!

Oh happy day!
I have a computer! I can check my email... in less than 10 minutes! I have pictures of my favorite people...... I cannot express how grateful I am to have all my pics in one place again. I feel like I've got so much to catch up on. I might just randomly post pictures... it will feel so good!
Mike went to scout camp last week, we get him home for a bit... then lose him again for a while. We had the 'overview' conversation last night as we were going to bed. Sure enough, we are busy with stuff EVERYDAY he is home. Bummer!
I have a situation I want to vent about, but I'm really trying my darndest to hold off a bit. It has to do with construction... my basement flooding... lots of money... way too much time... and a serious idiot. I've been trying to look at the positive aspects of the situation, and I want to wait until it is complete before I decide how I feel about it. If only it could be completed?! In what world does 1 1/2 weeks mean 4 weeks?!!!
On a brighter note... I LA-LA-LOVE SUMMER!!!No seriously, words cannot describe the happiness I have for this season. Today is officially the first day of it, and I want to scream it from the rooftops!
I LOVE having my kids home, spending all day together. Sleeping in, eating fruit, turning my ceiling fans on, opening all my windows at night... I feel like Julie Andrews "these are a few of my favorite things!"
My dear friend introduced us to the best swimming pool in the valley.
We are forever thankful to her! Ironically, we went on Friday and she was there... kinda funny.
I went to the Parade of Homes, my very most favorite birthday gift every year! I saw a couple of houses this year I'll never forget. Great ideas... now I just need the money.
Father's Day was wonderful! We were just happy to have a Father on Father's Day. Usually he's out-of-town for work, so we were happy to have him home. As a kid/teenager... we didn't go to church on Father's Day. (It was a boycotted holiday) So I must admit it's been nice to look forward to celebrating Mike every year. He's an amazing Dad, and loves his girls beyond measure. We are so lucky to have him!

*Just a little nugget...
This morning Sophie came into my room as I was taking off my pajamas. She paused, looked at me and said "Mom, I want to watch you get dressed... but don't worry, I won't laugh at you!" Wow... thanks. "That's nice of you" was my response. Nothing like some fresh honesty to get the morning started!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Missing Pictures & our "hop-a-long"

I want to whine about this every time I post... so this may be my last opportunity. My computer crashed quite a while back. I've spent way too many hours trying to decide how I want to replace it. PC or MAC, desktop or laptop, sizes of screens, and so forth. I want to get something I love... so I didn't want to rush into anything.
Meanwhile, I've been making due on a piece of #%*! that raises my blood pressure every time I think about using it.
The pictures I've taken have all sat on the memory cards... because I can't put them anywhere. I finally had Mike clear a card by putting all the pics on his work computer... only to leave the card at home for Addi's graduation. Apparently my camera has some sort of internal memory, so I got a few pictures before I was out of memory and opened it up to see the card missing. Then I got home to put put the card in... formatted it... and lost the few pictures I DID get. Hopefully I'll get them from another Mom.
I'm afraid I'll hit a point of frustration and anger and I'll go by anything at this point. But I've done my research and I think I know what I'd like.
The good part is... after going so many months with Microsoft Word, photo editors, any image editor, and all my fonts... I will so greatly appreciate those things again. I'll be so grateful when I can pull up web pages without wondering if the computer will need to re-boot. I will however miss the time laps when checking emails... which has given me time to use the bathroom or get a drink waiting for my emails to open.
I feel like I'll need to post missed pictures for the rest of the year! Pictures of Miami, Addi's soccer games, graduations, summer fun, Sophie's purple cast, and so much more.
*Sophie's cast*
Sophie landed wrong when she was jumping on the trampoline. She was complaining that she couldn't walk. Being the compassionate parents we are... she was told she'd be in big trouble if her Dad had to go outside and carry her in.
After bringing her inside... I continued to tell her not to whine, to walk it off, and repeated "you're fine!". I figured she was just tired and told her she just needed to go to bed for the night. She was still whining about it, so I gave her some Motrin.
Early the next morning she came scooting into our bedroom on her hands and knees. I picked her up onto my bed and saw her ankle was swollen beyond belief. Oops... Mother of the year award!
To make it worse, Mike needed to get to work, and I was obligated to go into the school for Lexi's teacher to go to a luncheon. I ran to the school while Mike worked from home. As soon as I was done I took her to the doc. He did x-rays and said that her couldn't tell if it was broken or not. He was mainly concerned with the lack of space between the growth plates. He didn't have a walking boot small enough for her, so he made a splint. We set up an appointment with a ortho/sports specialist at UVRMC.
It took Sophie about 1/2 the day to get used to her splint... then she was running again. I had to keep telling her to "stop running", "get off the trampoline", and "be careful"!
The Orthopedic Specialist was fantastic! It had been a week and the swelling had not gone down much... then again, I couldn't get Sophie to even sit still long enough to give it a chance. She did more x-rays and said it was a "level 2" fracture, she buckled it, and had was was called a "greenstick" break. They are optimistic about the growth plates, so we will wait and see. The Dr. said with the swelling, and the fact that she runs on it everyday... they needed to put her in a cute purple 'waterproof' cast.
It has not slowed her down a bit. She has not complained once! I've tried different methods at the pool and lake to try and keep it clean. Duck tape. Plastic bags. Saran Wrap. Some of the Mom's at the pool gave me dirty looks... but it is a waterproof cast!
They are going to take off the cast and do another set of x-ray's on the 15th. Happy summer!