Monday, September 26, 2011

Keeping up!

So little time... so few blogs.
The summer (and fall) of 2011 can go down in our family history as one of the busiest ever. In my efforts to try and make family memories... I think I've overdone it. That is my tendency... go big or go home!
I think that knowing my kids are all officially gone to school this year has sent me into a type of race against time. It's as if I feel time ticking away, almost a kind of countdown. For many years I felt like I was just getting through... diapers, feeding, trying to sleep... I just looked forward getting through each week. Now I'm ready to hit the pause button!
I'm not sure if I can play "catch up" with recent events, but I sure will try!

The girls started school. Yes, that means all of them are now gone... crazy! Surprisingly things haven't been much different though. I still feel super busy, I'm just not dragging little people around with me all day. I'm working more hours, and I can't keep the house clean or the laundry done! So not much has changed really.
Cori is in 6th grade... she loves her teacher and is really enjoying 'ruling the school'. I'm hoping she has some educational growth during the year, but he sure is having fun!
Lexi's in 5th grade and has a really good friend in her class. She also loves her teacher and is having fun being an older kids at the school.
Addi's 2nd grade teacher happened to leave after the second week of school, so she's got her second teacher of the year already. She is happy as ever, and loves school.
Sophie is in Mrs. J's 1st grade. I love her teacher, so I have a peace of mind knowing she will have a good year and she is doing well with being there all day everyday of the week.

Most recently we drove to TX to visit our good friends and go see BYU play Oklahoma. It was 22 hours driving each way... we stopped in Albuquerque, NM and spent the night both there and back.
It was a super long drive, but a ton of fun. On the way down... day 2 we stopped and took pictures aong the historic route 66. There was an old car museum and a town that was just like a little 'radiator springs' from Cars.
We also stopped outside of Amarillo, TX at 'Cadillac Ranch' and got our graffiti on! The girls thought it was crazy to spray paint cars... it was surprisingly liberating. It was fun... I'd love to meet the artist who thought of that! Genius.
We finally arrived in TX late Friday night. Our friends were kind enough to put us up in high style! It was so great to see them... they have four daughters, so our families mesh famously! The next morning we slept in and got ready to drive to Austin for the game. We had some fabulous TX bbq and had a blast at the game. It would have been even better if the Cougars had won... but oh well. The stadium was great and the game atmosphere was fantastic! After the game we had tasty Tex-Mex and drove home.
Sunday we had an adventure... thought we were spending the afternoon at church and ended up in the ER. Sophie had eaten a pecan with her breakfast. She was having a reaction and I thought some Benadryl would fix it. Needless-to-say... we went to the ER and now I have to keep an Epipen at all times!
Monday my dear friend Linds took me to buy my first pair of real cowboy boots... and we headed home. Cori and I got super sick from some chinese food on the way home... but we made it back.
It was a great trip!... with44 hours in the car, awesome TX food, fun southern people, a bit of a sad football game, and the most amazing friends!