Friday, October 14, 2011


So I think that after 32 years of trying to communicate I've actually learned (actually applied) a few things...

First... don't give anything much credit if it's not given to you from the source.

Second... don't ever let others communicate for you... or expect them to.

and the most important...
If you want to know something? Ask that person.

Life is good for me in the communication area, if only for a moment. I'm not sure I've ever been this happy about some of my relationships... and it all really boils down to communication!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The San Francisco Treat... ding, ding!

We decided to accompany Mike on an event... like Orlando, just blessed with an opportunity to play while Mike works.
Mike left on a Wednesday, and I worked the rest of the week and planned on leaving Saturday morning. Well... Friday night came and I knew that it just wasn't going to happen.
I had a cement walking path poured to the studio, and the aftermath is still messy. It messed up the grade of my flowerbeds... so I needed to build some sort of wall to hold back the dirt. I knew I had to do it before I left, or it would rain and I would have a major problem when I got home. So Saturday, I bucked up and build a wall. Of course I care much more about aesthetics rather than quality, so we'll see how it holds up!
I left Sunday morning... got all the way to Stansbury and couldn't keep my eyes open! I pulled off and decided if I could just get a quick power nap, I'd be fine. Mike called and woke me up... I had been asleep for an HOUR! When I told him what I was doing he immediately said "GO HOME!" I thought about it... and decided he was right.
I drove home and slept from noon to 8pm. The girls were so good to babysit and kept quiet. They cooked dinner and kept the house clean. When I woke up at 8pm, I re-loaded the van and took off!
I drove straight through... almost ran out of gas on Donner Pass at 3am... not my smartest move of the night! We got to Sacramento and I pulled off to take a quick nap. Then we went to breakfast and got to our apartment in downtown SF.
Day 1- (which was a continuance of the longest day ever!) I unloaded the van and got settled. Our apartment was incredible! When we travel I will tell Mike "I lived like this in another life". There are two scenarios I see myself in... if I hadn't chosen the life I did. This downtown city life is one of them! (backpacking across the world and staying in hostels is the other)
We rode the municipal bus to Ghirardelli Square. There was a slight drizzle outside... so a cup of hot cocoa hit the spot!
Then we walked to Pier 39 and explored Fisherman's wharf. We saw the sea lions, the submarine, and ship. We went to the visitor's center and learned the history of the city. It was very good.
Then it started raining... so we went to a restaurant on the end of the pier. The girls had bowls of clam chowder. (not me)
We took the bus home... stopped at Safeway and grabbed groceries for the week. We were quite the sight on the bus. Four kids and groceries? Yes... we were a circus.
Day 2- We went to the Golden Gate Bridge. The girls were such troopers! As we got out farther on the bridge the wind really got strong! We walked the 1.4 miles across... then the 1.4 miles back. As we were walking the girls would periodically stop to look over the side. Cori said "LOOK! Mom... dolphins!!" Sure enough a huge pod of dolphins were making their way through the bay and under the bridge. We saw about 20-25. Lexi looked down at them and said "Those aren't dolphins!! They are only THIS big!" as she held up her fingers measuring about 3 inches. I couldn't help but laugh, "Lex... we are very high up above the water" She then said "yeah... but not THAT high." She's starting to pull attitude... I know it's the age. But I've noticed that she doesn't think I know what I'm talking about most the time.
After the bridge, we went to Chinatown. It fascinated the girls! We saw some interesting things... we found a city playground and they loved it!
Day 3- I wanted the girls to ride a cable car, but I still think I like them more than anything! We took the cable car to Lombard Street. The girls walked down the famous steep street. Then we walked to the wharf and got some lunch.
Mike's boss invited us to come to dinner that night with the Company. They were celebrating the success of the event... and it was great to see the relief and happiness. I know that there was so much hard work and stress leading up to the event. This was the biggest event they had ever done.
I took the kids to the Moscone Center... all they wanted to do was ride the big escalator. Then we went to dinner.
Halfway through dinner Mike's boss came over to chat with us. He was talking to the kids and he told them how "smart your Dad is, and he is very important" Addi said "I know he is!" It was a laugh!
On a side note... fancy SF restaurants aren't used to having customers under 18 years old. It was rather difficult to get quesadillas and carne asada tacos. It really wasn't a difficult but dividing it into 4 plates was like pulling teeth! I'm not sure the servers understood the concept of division, it was strange! But the kids loved their quarter of a $20 quesadilla!
Day 4- Mike was able to join us... so we went over to Alcatraz. The older two were definitely fascinated by the prison and it's prisoners. I think an island of birds was not Mike's idea of a good afternoon. While we were there the Blue Angels had a show over the bay... so we had front row seats to a spectacular sight... not to mention SUPER loud!

Friday morning we drove home. It seemed like a much shorter drive on the way back. I don't know if it's because I wasn't alone... perhaps because I wasn't driving! The interesting thing was while the kids got a great education and exposure to culture... I think we were more of a novelty to the natives! People either thought we were the cutest thing ever... and complimented us up and down... OR, they were disgusted by us... and saw me as a 'breeder'. I figure to each their own!
Hopefully life will settle down for a while. I love my kidlets, but they need to go to school... and I need to do some laundry!