Friday, September 14, 2012

Day 203- Bad News

Today was an exceptionally hard day.
I feel like up until this point, I have been progressing. I have been pushing myself, doing all the things Todd has asked. I have the motivation to work through the pain, with the results being a better situation.
As the swelling has subsided the grinding and catching has gotten worse and worse.
I went into Dr. Larsen. He did x-rays and checked the placement of the hardware. But the tendons, ligaments, and lack of cartilage is another issue. Having removed the meniscus on the lateral side means that there is bone on bone. Today, Todd informed me that he believes my patella (kneecap)  has healed incorrectly. I guess it is very damaging. He said at this point everything I do is just causing more and more damage.
If I walk... especially up or down stairs, the grinding is audible. It feels and sounds horrible! Even the therapists are grossed out when they hear it. I basically have the knee of an 80 year old.
My options include a 'lateral release' which cuts the tissue and releases the kneecap to the proper place. He also mentioned a bone wedge to move the patella, as well as a patella realignment procedure.
I felt my heart sink!
This is not the way things are supposed to go! We aren't able to pay our medical bills, providers are calling us weekly. Even Todd informed me that we will have to work something out.
I CAN'T DO ANOTHER SURGERY! I'm just starting to get my life back. My kids have started to get their mother back. Mike and I have started dating again. My hair stopped falling out! I finally got off of blood thinning medication!
Now I'm supposed to "take it easy"! How am I supposed to move backwards?!!
He told me not to walk anywhere I don't have to. I can't do stairs. I basically have to go back three months!
So I use my cane, I avoid anything physical, and I feel totally worthless. I started taking the supplements he recommended. They were created by Dr. Rosenberg. He works out of Park City, and he's on the forefront of knee procedures and replacements. His supplements are not cheap! But at this point I will do what it takes to heal.
I'm not going to give up now... so what choice to I have? This is a bio on Dr. Rosenberg. He is VERY expensive, and hard to get into. But I was told that if I take his supplements for a few months, they would be able to help me get the best results possible!

Dr. Thomas D. Rosenberg, M.D.

Knee Specialist

Dr. Rosenberg
Rosenberg grew up in Northern Utah. He attended the University of Utah Medical School. His orthopedic training occurred at the Universities of Utah and of Wisconsin in 1973 to 1978. Rosenberg co-founded the Fitness Institute at LDS Hospital in 1980, The Orthopedic Specialty Hospital (TOSH) in Salt Lake City in 1991, the RCM Clinic in Park City, Utah (with Dr. Vernon Cooley) in 1998, and the non-profit nutrient supplementation company, Nutriex in 1999. Viewed as an innovator, Dr. Rosenberg invented new arthroscopic menisci repair techniques and developed new tools and methods for ACL reconstruction. Specifically, he is best known for the endo-button and quadrupled semi-tendonosis reconstruction (single and double tunnel methods) techniques for ACL reconstruction. He has developed widely utilized tools for chondroplasty of the knee, including the Full-radius Resector, curved chondroplasty devices, and micro-fracture instruments. He has designed bony-integration patellar implants and techniques for athletic knee replacements. His x-ray method, the 45° flexion P-A weight-bearing view (Rosenberg View), is widely used internationally.