Sunday, November 2, 2014

Whole 30 and Halloween

Doing this Whole 30 program has taught me a lot about my relationship with food. Why I eat, what I eat, when I eat it... I always knew I was an emotional eater, but I keep learning it over and over again. Each time I learn it I am floored by the strength and power food has over me. Food really is my drug of choice, and eating can seem to solve all my problems... and I have plenty of problems to eat!
Halloween is the "Candy Holiday" and this program has taught me that candy is not special. Family recipes are special, homemade comfort food is special, things your Grandma makes once a year are special... candy is not special!
I helped in Addi's and Sophie's classroom parties. I set up a bubbly drink of "witches brew" in Addi's class and did Halloween bingo with Sophie's class.
I love having older kids, they can party with the grown-ups and enjoy a fun evening. The best part is that I don't have to entertain them every minute. Lexi and Cori both had friends over. We had the Soderquists, Thomas', Sam and her boyfriend, and my Mom over. I always make a chili or hot soup and rolls. This year I made my grandpa's wassail and lots of healthy snacks. I made chicken and wild rice soup, and butternut squash soup. Luckily, the squash soup was something I could eat! No rolls, but I made 72 anyways... and they were warm, buttery, fluffy, and looked delicious! So I was able to have soup and healthy snacks. It was a great Halloween and we spent time with friends and family. Our neighborhood on Halloween is straight out of a movie set. This year it has been so warm, so there are millions of kids swarming our streets. Mom's are handing out hot chocolate, cotton candy, and homemade carmel apples. It really is picturesque. We get hundreds of trick-or-treaters and Mike loves to dress up as the resident Frankenstein and scare all the little's.
Halloween has always been a favorite Holiday over at our house. I know that sounds evil... but it really is. We all love to dress up, I love feeding everyone, and the kids excitement (or sugar high) is contagiously fun. The friends and family who come over actually want to come hang out. No one is forced to pretend, no one is mean, and the only uncomfortable moments come when kids are too scared to get candy from Mike... and honestly he loves it!
The good news is that not eating candy on Halloween didn't make it any less enjoyable, who knew?

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